Call For Proposals


We extend an invitation to those working to better understand and/or deal with Illicit Networks to submit a proposal here by 14th February 2020.

We welcome proposals from academia, policy makers or law enforcement under the following themes.

We welcome proposals from academia, policy makers or law enforcement under the following themes

Themes: Networks associated with

  • Organised crime
  • Gangs
  • Transnational crime (including trafficking)
  • Terrorism (including racialisation)
  • Economic crime
  • Corruption
  • Cybercrime
  • Child exploitation
  • Other (Please specify)

Proposals should include

  • Title
  • Name of lead presenter and co-authors
  • Role of lead presenter and co-authors
  • Institute/ Organisation
  • Theme(s)(from list above) that is/are relevant to your research/problem area.
  • Specify the type of paper:

             a. Paper presentation (research that is completed)

             b. Workshop proposal (present a problem)

Abstracts should be a maximum of 500 words and contain the following information:

a. Paper presentation

  • Background
  • Methodology
  • Findings
  • Conclusion

Please note that successful applicants for a paper presentation will be required to submit a draft paper by 15th of June 2020

b. Workshop proposal

  • Description of problem to be presented to INW2020
  • Type of feedback you would hope to receive

Policy makers and law enforcement are encouraged to submit research ‘problems/challenges’ under this section

Notable Dates

  • Abstract Submission due: by 14th February 2020
  • Successful applicants will be notified: 7th March 2020
  • Confirmation of attendance: 13th March 2020
  • Paper submission: 15th June 2020
  • Early bird registration for co-authors closed: 27th March 2020
  • Registration close: 29th May 2020

Once the lead presenter confirm their attendance, they will be automatically registered for the event.

Cost of registration fee (including all event catering), social events and 2 nights accommodation will be covered by the organising committee for the lead presenter on all accepted proposals.  Co-authors are welcome to attend as delegates at a reduced fee.

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