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The Illicit Networks Workshop (INW) includes the leading scholars and analysts from across the world that share a research interest in the use of network analysis in furthering the understanding of the activities of individuals, groups and organisations engaged in organised crime, gangs, transnational crime, terrorism, economic crime and corruption issues. The INW is designed with the goal of maximizing meaningful and on-going knowledge exchange among researchers, policy makers and those involved in policy, programme and practical engagement with illicit networks. While some members draw heavily on quantitative social network analysis, others utilise other methods (e.g., ethnography) for studying illicit networks. The focus is less on the relative merits of approach and more on the rigour of the science and value of the insights to theory building and practical policy solutions.

INW was launched by Andrew Goldsmith from Flinders University in 2008. Carlo Morselli RIP joined the organizing committee in 2009 as the head of the Équipe de recherche sur la délinquance en réseau (ERDR) at the Université de Montréal. INW has been hosted in four countries since its inception:

Past Events:
2019: Montreal, Canada
2018: Seattle, United States of America
2017: Adelaide, Australia
2016: London, United Kingdom
2015: Montreal, Canada
2014: Adelaide, Australia
2013: Los Angeles. United States of America
2012: Vancouver, Canada
2011: Montreal, Canada
2010: Wollongong, Australia

Scientific committee

Andrew Goldsmith
Aili Malm
Martin Bouchard
David Décay-Hétu
Carlo Morselli
David Bright

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